Based on its strategic core value as an alternative currency of the future, G-COIN provides various contents offered by global financial experts.

G-COIN is a company that pioneers new currency systems.

What is the market scope of electronic currency?

Cash spent throughout the world in 2006 was 450 trillion dollars (worth approximately 600 trillion won today). Currency distributed as paper money and coins today is approximately 5 trillion dollars, which equates to about just 10% used as currency. Then where did the 400 to 540 trillion dollars of money go? 90% of money today exists only as numbers in computer now.

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It is now the age of virtual electronic currency.

Cheap and fast system

Because it does not have to go through a third party such as financial institutes, it is not held down by commission fees and wait times, and it can be easily and conveniently managed anywhere in the world.

Investment tool for maintaining value

The total issued amount is fixed so it is free from declining value due to inflation, and its value remains even as time passes, while value actually increases as demand increases.

Global currency

It is rational and transparent and it is a transaction method that permanently guarantees anonymity. People alienated from finances can also participate in global financial transactions through G-COIN, and a wide array of program commands can be attached using the opened currency platform.

Advantages of G-COIN

G-COIN can be exchanged to various currencies such as the dollar, yen, yuan, won, euro, and pound, and it is a globalized currency that can be used for electronic commerce, internet shopping malls, various shops in Asia, and person-to-person transactions.

Market scope of electronic currency

Based on 2006, only 10% of 600 trillion dollars were distributed, and 400 to 500 billion dollars, which accounts for 90%, were not distributed in cash, but exists only as numbers.

What is G-COIN?

New encrypted currency

G-COIN is a digitally created currency and it is based on an advanced mathematical algorithm.

Launching of G-COIN

It was launched after learning from success of Bitcoin.

Start and end

G-COIN starts (bought) at an exchange and ends (sold) at the exchange.

G-COIN exchange

The trader can create a market through the coin exchange and mine coins and share profits.

Transparent transactions

G-COIN is openly traded through an exchange.

Fair plan

It is a high profit structure, but has a fair compensation plan.


  • All members receive an e-wallet in G-PAY.
  • All bonuses and commissions are received via the e-wallet.
  • 1 day use: $5,000
  • 1 day withdrawal: $2,000
  • It can be transferred or wired through the G&Trader (FX) account.
  • Personal funds can be managed through the online and e-wallet.